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For urban and rural infrastructure we provide unique systems of innovative data gathering,
intelligent processing and real-time decision-making. Smart Infrastructure Technologies.

our business

We are a technology company for cutting-edge infrastructure sensing, monitoring and
management systems to raise infrastructure and resource efficiency.
Building on the features of our innovative sensing products we are developing a layer of self-learning software that integrates data of diverse infrastructure sensing devices and creates a unique and comprehensive understanding of the environment and the respective infrastructure assets.


our elements of Infrastructure-IoT (Internet of Things)


  1. 1.   Connecting all kinds of infrastructure assets (Things)

  2. 2.   Generating data through innovative IP protected sensing systems (Data)

  3. 3.   Non-trivial real-time understanding of complex real-world processes by analyzing and interpreting data with self-learning algorithms  (Process)

  4. 4.   Increase in resource & infrastructure efficiency (Benefit)

our patented sensing technologies

Team and Quotes

Personal histories include disciplines like engineering, finance, business administration and law.
Decades of collective international sales and marketing experience, global product launches.
Investments beyond EUR 2 billion in the energy, analytical instrumentation, real-estate,
software, electronics, and machine tool industries.

Christian Damjakob – CEO Smarteag AG

Smarteag has a unique approach: combining top-notch innovative sensing systems with cognitive computing applications to gain a fresh understanding on relevant events and conditions of infrastructure assets and environment. Not only a huge market can be addressed with our solutions, we also bring real value for sustainable prosperity in a balanced economy and ecology.


Clemens Jargon – Member of Smarteag AG supervisory board

The digital layer of business is ever more about employing relevant real-time data for executing quick and precise decisions. That’s the core of Smarteag’s platform. Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Analytics and Datamining technologies implemented for infrastructure solutions.


Nils Nöther – MD fibrisTerre

With the strong financial background, in-depth technical expertise and world-wide network of sales experts, Smarteag is an excellent catalyst for infrastructure technology innovations on the road to market success. For our Distributed Strain and Temperature Monitoring solutions, being part of Smarteag means to have a reliable backing to further establish our technology in the markets of energy transmission and infrastructure.


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Please provide us with a short version of your business idea. We are interested in the following areas:

sensing systems
cognitive computing
resource and asset management software

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